Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprise... PacSun has cute things!

Here's a little known secret: the predominately skate-wear store PacSun has some very cute things. I was looking on their website and they have some nice faux-leather bags from $20-$50, some darling little rompers for $12 and up, and some cute printed dresses!

And check out their sale section as well:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

American Apparel

So there are some cute things on sale on American Apparel's website.
I'm debating whether I should get this polo dress in red:

It's only 17 dollars, 50% off the original price...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty Tips

Need to look great on a budget? There are a couple things I do to look good, but keeping it cheap at the same time:

1) If you have a horrible zit, put a tiny dot of white toothpaste on it overnight. It will diminish in size the next morning.

2) Want an inexpensive make-up remover that doesn't sting? Ponds cold cream is wonderful for getting all your eye make up off while keeping your wallet full.

3) A facial cleanser I absolutely swear by is Cetaphil and can be bought at almost any drug store.

4) A good organic deodorant that won't burn a hole in your pocket? Tom's of Maine.

5) To remove excess oil from your roots, put a little bit of baby powder at your hairline.

6) For moisturizer I use either Johnson & Johnson's Purpose moisturizer or Neutrogena's oil free kind.

7) Lastly, for a healthier tinted moisturizer, blush and spot concealer, I only use Physician's Formula because I have sensitive skin. The brand is not too cheap, but you can still get it at a drugstore. I think it's worth it.

Century 21

If you are a shopaholic who happens to be in New York, your stay in NYC is not complete until you visit the mega-bargain store Century 21.

I bought:
a pair of rainboots worth $70 for $35,
Cole Haan flats for $70 that were $130,
another pair of decorated rainboots for $20,
Cole Haan leggings for $10.

I saw a pair of Marc Jacobs rainbooties very marked down,
and a smart pair of Ralph Lauren boots worth $1000 that was
selling for $200.

Their linens and bedding are also good quality for really cheap.

You HAVE to get there early before 11 AM, before the huge
crowd comes in. Otherwise, it is utter madness in the store.

I was fairly impressed with the merchandise except for the bag selection.
They could have had hipper, trendier things instead of the typical American
brands like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.


Right now is the BEST time to pick up sandals and shorts on sale before the whole fall collection gets placed in the stores.

Shorts at Hollister and Abercrombie will be as low as $15 this season.

this pair is Dolce Vita from Nordstroms and is on sale for $30 from the original price of $50. And these gorgeous gold sandals, also from Dolce Vita, went from $60 to $40 pair.

These babies from BC Footwear are down to $31.90 from $48.95.