Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have made some great purchases over the last three days in the city. On the first day, I found an delightful Alice + Olivia brown plaid skirt for $25 at Vintage Thrift Store. Even though it's a wool skirt for fall, I had to get it because of the price and since it seemed so perfect for London.

After that, I went to The Gap because I had a coupon for buy 5 and get 1 free bra. Well I only had one stamp but for some reason the lady told me I had a 100% discount. I was really confused but decided it was best not to ask too many questions. Free (possibly unethical) loot!

Yesterday I went down to Century 21 after being rejected from the post office. You can't get a passport renewed at a post office FYI to anyone who has to do that soon. Oh well, I found a really cute and inexpensive dress from a brand called Lush that I can wear to work.

Today I walked to Union Square and stopped by Nordstrom's Rack. I knew that I should restrain myself from buying more clothes so I picked up a pair of Cole Haan sunnies for $20.

Lastly, I stopped at American Eagle and found a pair of boxers (pictured above) that I wanted to buy a while ago but were now even more on sale for $8. I didn't have my AE card on me, which never works anyway, but the cashier told me to tell her my info and I got 30% off my shorts! Yipee for more discounts. Lesson learned: even when you don't have your card, see if you can get the discount anyway.

I should probably stop shopping until I start work. I must must must start saving.

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