Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kung Fu Tea

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I visited Kung Fu Tea for the first time in Flushing about a month ago and loved their bubble milk green tea. I was sad that they were in Flushing because it is so far from me. But last night, to my surprise, my friend Priscilla walked me down from St. Marks onto 2nd avenue to a Kung Fu Tea store.

I am SO delighted! Not only is the tea really good, but you can choose a variety of teas such as jasmine, green, black, and you can choose the percentage of sugar you want from 0%, 30%, 50%, 70% to 100%. I chose 50% for my milk green tea and it was the perfect amount of sweet along with the boba. The ability to chose the amount of sugar you want is the reason why I would rather go to this store than other boba joints in the area.

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You can go to their store in the East Village on 10th street, between first and second avenue. Or, you can go to one of their stores in Flushing like the one on 37-14 Main Street.

Here is their facebook page.

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