Friday, March 18, 2011

Chat 'n Chew + Max Brenner

On Wednesday, my lovely friend Ahilya came to visit me in the city. I decided to show her some urban hospitality since she has come all the way from L.A. We hung around Union Square, first stopping at the quirky Chat 'n Chew on 16th street. I had a bowl of chicken vegetable soup that tasted like my Jewish Grandma's chicken-noodle soup but it was nothing outrageous. My friend ordered a nice Asian salad with chicken, also good, but nothing special. The prices were more than I would like to pay for lunch but they give you big portions. The sweet potato fries we ordered were probably the most interesting since they tasted like your usual s.p. fry but crispier, lighter, and not as greasy as most s.p. fries. Delicious!

After spending about 5 hours in Forever 21-just kidding, it was about 2-we went to Max Brenner's chocolate cafe on 13th and Broadway. (By the way, F21 has some lovely designs for spring right now.)

I was initially skeptical about ordering dinner from a dessert restaurant, but their menu looked promising and we were already there, so why not? To my surprise, the food was really good! I ordered a Sliced and Diced Dream steak panini- thin slices of beef steak with crispy asiago cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and baby spinach. The bread was a bit too thick, but everything was yummy. After stuffing ourselves with panini and pizza, we took a 10 minute intermission before ordering dessert. After much deliberation, we decided on getting the churros with two chocolate sauces and a raspberry sauce. Our waiter was nice enough to give us some slided strawberries on the side. Holy smokes was the chocolate sauce delicious... I felt like I was drinking Belgian milk chocolate but WAIT I was dipping a sugary, doughy stick of churros into it and then adding a raspberry flavor as well.

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